Tips Before You Hire a Towing Company

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Towing, or using one vehicle to move a disable second vehicle, is a common and useful service. Your car broke down, and you required a towing service. From whom to call and how to get through the entire process, you knew nothing. You felt dumb and out of the world. All of us have been there once.

It’s always important to consider these tips when you’re hiring Towing service.

Look online

Locating towing services is easy. Search your location and see all the towing service providers available around your current location.

Right Tow Truck for the Job

There are three main types of tow trucks: flatbed, hook and chain, and wheel-lift. Not every company has each kind of truck.

Ask for license and insurance

Thousands of crashes happen in the United States due to improper towing. A license is a proof that the company is well informed about safety procedures and knows how to do the job. If your insurance company is involved, find out with which towing service companies they already have an agreement or which they prefer.


Before you contract for towing services, find out about the fees, how far they will tow, and accepted payment methods.

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